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Bronze Package (Lite): $650

  • Wedding only

  • Two Cameras

  • One Videographer

  • One and half hours of filming this starts with the ceremony

  • Over view of guest

  • Finished product via email.

  • Drone footage where available


 Bronze package: $850

  • Wedding only

  • Three Cameras

  • Two Videographer

  • over view of guest

  • Bride/Bridesmaids entrance

  • Full Coverage of ceremony

  • Two and half hours of filming which starts with ceremony

  • Finished video via email

Silver Package: $1,750

  •  Same as bronze but main parts of reception

  • Six hours of filming

  • Two videographers

  • Drone footage weather permitting 

  • Final video emailed you must download


Silver Package (Lite): $1250

  • Wedding and Main parts of reception

  • Two cameras

  • One Videographer

  • Four and half hours of filming

  • Finished video sent via email

  • Drone footage where available

Highlight Video: $1,500

  • Three cameras two videographers

  • Filming whole ceremony main parts of reception

  • Up to seven minute High Light

  • Plus Drone footage were available 

  • Six hours of filming

  • Final video set emailed

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